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Simplify your Import Process in Brazil

The import process in Brazil is very complex and coupled with a lot of manual work, thus also very error-prone.

There are several Brazilian laws and requirements that must be adhered to in order to import and move goods in Brazil. For each product, associated data such as product values, taxes, fees etc. must be declared. In addition, for every goods movement, an identification number issued by the Brazilian government must also be sought and declared.

The Import cockpit combines all this data in one interface, from where all other procurement processes can be structured and initiated. Each step in the import process is assigned to the correct identification number, thus avoiding duplication, and greatly simplifying the process and providing a clear overview.

The following processes can be performed with the click of a button:

  • Create an NF-e
  • Goods receipt posting
  • Invoice validation
  • Posting of taxes

Clear Advantages

  • Data consistency
  • Faster work times through automation of time consuming manual tasks
  • More transparent view of material and account documents pertaining to the import process

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