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International SAP Rollouts

Your company is growing and you have established new sites in several countries? Now, the subsidiary shall be integrated into the parent company in terms of IT.

We at Phoron have done rollouts of SAP systems in over 30 countries worldwide. Also in the “difficult” countries like Brazil.

Use the Benefits of SAP Software Globally

Our philosophy is to provide you with a global system that creates no dependencies and supports your subsidiary in its business, but follows the policies of the parent company.

Planning and Conception of Your SAP Rollout on a Template Approach

Standardized business processes and their respective uniform key figures create a premise for the rollout of an ERP system.

The exact identification of these processes and as a result the conception of the group template is absolutely necessary.

In a workshop, we analyze

  • Main processes

  • Ancillary and support processes

  • Intercompany processes

  • and define the core processes of the template.

Another important aspect is to understand the conditions and requirements of the rollout.

  • What are the long-term strategies of the company?

  • How do you foresee the company developing?

  • What are the technical conditions regarding current software and connections?

  • What number of employees and turnover size do the individual subsidiaries have?

Adapted to Company Size and Business Content

Since not every subsidiary has the same business purpose (production, sales, service, repair, etc.) an appropriate planning of implementations that match the company size and business content of the subsidiaries is required.

In this respect the group template forms the basis for the templates of the further sites. These are designed so that they can be easily adopted and supported. Smaller subsidiaries work with a template that is optimized for their business transactions and thus encourage higher user acceptance.

SAP versus Local Solution

Do you operate SAP software in the parent company? This often raises the question whether it is useful to operate it in the subsidiaries too.

Despite the functional scope of SAP ERP, which eventually may not be used to this extent at the subsidiary, the function is not decisive, rather it is the implementation effort and support. 

The implementation of the group template, in full version or scaled-down, is often less complex than the implementation of a new local solution. Your SAP ERP system already contains all the parameters for your chart of accounts, material master data, cost accounting methodologies, and many more, which therefore don’t have to be reinvented.

Another big benefit is the support structure and future-proofness of SAP software. No matter in which country you are situated, SAP runs a global support network which can be accessed 24/7.

Our Methodology Creates No Dependencies

We are of the view that the rollout of your ERP system needs to planned with foresight and implemented ensuring the system is capable of growing with your company. So together with you, we can build a system that encompasses strategic decisions and supports the long term goals of the company.

Our aim is to provide you with a system that creates no dependencies. The simpler and more structured a system, the less hassle for you - in terms of costs and resources.

A well-considered support strategy, structured approach. And detailed documentation and training of your key users is crucial.

Special Case Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico)

Unlike other countries, SAP rollouts to Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are more complex and require more effort. This is mainly due to the different tax rules and the legal reporting, which not only affect the accounting but also have (technical) repercussions far into the logistics.

Why Phoron?

  • Global and central rollout team

  • Support from a single source, without third-party

  • Multi-lingual consultants

  • Rollouts in more than 30 countries worldwide

  • Know-how of country-specific versions

  • Structured planning and implementation

  • Anticipatory and future-proof approach

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Gernot Stöger-Knes, Managing Director Germany