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Worldwide e-Invoicing with SAP

Report and transfer tax information and keep your business in compliance with the worldwide digitalization of tax systems

Governments worldwide started initiatives to digitalize their tax systems, requiring companies to submit and report tax information electronically.

Keeping your business in compliance with the legal requirements can be tough, especially for multinational companies. Implementing and supporting many different solutions for each country is both cost and time intensive.

Transfer Tax Information

SAP Document Compliance – eDocument

Countries like Italy, Hungary, Turkey, and many more require companies to issue tax information to legal authorities electronically. To simplify tax information transfer while complying with local regulations, SAP created “Document Compliance”.

Report Tax Information

SAP Advanced Compliance Reporting (ACR)

Some countries like Great Britain, demand companies to report information on VAT return digitally to their tax authority. SAP offers with “Advanced Compliance Reporting” a holistic solution for real-time legal reporting and monitoring, including all mandatory countries and their specific legal requirements.

The Governments digital transformation results on a massive challenge for all multinational companies. Which country is next? What are the legal requirements? How can I meet those requirements and keep my company in compliance?

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Gernot Stöger-Knes, Managing Director Germany

Phoron has more than 10 years of experience with e-invoicing and tax reporting in over 40 countries worldwide, especially in the most challenging countries such as Brazil. We help our customers to prepare their SAP systems for all legal requirements and to keep their business compliant.