Product Lifecycle Management of the highest quality and potential for integration

Flex.SerialNumber - Logistics Manager

The Logistics Manager for SAP R/3 allows an integrative, process-oriented life-cycle-management of inventory based on serial numbers.

The inventory and its processes are handled in the modules MM and SD of SAP R/3 standard. Operative changes of the inventory are represented as receipt, change by subcontracting, sale or scrapping.

The Logistics Manager as an add-on for the SAP R/3 standard provides intelligent, efficient and approved tools to map these processes on serial number basis. The many ways of entering data (scanner, RFID, single/bulk reading, range-entry etc.) as well as the feature for mass data application makes the complete evidence of the product life-cycle particularly convenient and efficient.

In addition, with the Logistics Manager it is possible to assign multiple, structured serial numbers to an individual piece of a product which suspends all other ERP-solutions on the market that feature 1:1 relationships only. In addition to the usual product serial number the bill of serial numbers (BOS) allows you to assign, for instance, the manufacturer part number, UID-number of related RFID-tags or virtual serial numbers such as telephone numbers at the same time.

Total Product Visibility

Changes in inventory and value of stock, such as trading goods, are precisely documented due to regular updating of product history based on serial numbers. This way your stock value is always up-to-date and available online anytime in the proper sense of Total Product Visibility.

Subsequent processes that are based on serial numbers, such as warranty management, fraud prevention or provisioning are optimally supported and the potential for cost reduction is tremendous.


  • Handling of product life-cycles of trading goods on serial number basis
  • SN-entry for goods receipt, stock transfer, assembling and delivery
  • Tool for processing stocktaking based on serial numbers
  • Extensive SN-Reporting, evidence of entire product life-cycle history
  • SN-exact documentation of stock
  • Total integration of RFID-technology into the logistic-process chain (bulk reading, picking etc.)


The Logistics Manager is:

  • is an add-on to SAP R/3-standard
  • programmed free of modifications in ABAP
  • fully integrated into SAP R/3-standard modules and
  • based on the technology platform SNPM Core.

Current release is Asset Manager 4.0. The release is available as add-on for SAP R/3-Releases ECC 6.0, SAP ERP 2004, 4.7 and 4.6c.