Connect Your Suppliers Without Web-Portal or EDI

Flex.Procurement - Response

Each buyer certainly knows that your business is well connected with regular suppliers, usually via a web portal or EDI. With other suppliers, the art of communication is almost prehistoric ... Faxing, scanning, inquiries etc.

‘Flex.Procurement Response’ enables the connection all of your suppliers without a web portal or EDI to your system. The module can be used stand alone, or can complement our existing web-portal ‘Flex.Procurement Purchase’. You and your vendors can:

  • Submit quotes and order confirmations and maintain data,
  • Submit and confirm orders and relevant documentation,
  • Monitor sent documents.

Data privacy is ensured as all communication is protected through a system of double authentication and through an individual personal URL assignment that is unique.

With ‘Flex.Procurement Response’ you communicate with all of your suppliers in the same manner and ensure a standardised process. Administrative tasks such as data maintenance of quotes and order confirmations become the responsibility of your suppliers, thus reducing your workload.