Communication With Suppliers Made Easy

Flex.Procurement - Purchase

With the Purchase module, business between buyer and supplier is made easy. As a web portal it is a communication interface between the purchaser and supplier, and provides all the important information required at a glance whilst simultaneously performing operational tasks.

Purchase offers simple and straightforward solutions for the following functions:

  • Requests / offers
  • Orders / confirmations
  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Deliveries
  • Forecasting
  • Quality Assurance and Inspection Lots
  • Consignment Stock handling
  • And much more

With the Request Generator, the purchase material items are selected based on various parameters so the system can process an inquiry more quickly and easily. This is made simple by ‘drag and drop’ functionality. Important documents for material items, such as CAD drawings are automatically linked to the request.

The module Price Comparison List selects all relevant submissions and related offers by status and maturity and presents them on a user Cockpit, from here the user can determine their next step, such as order cancellations or price improvements and the establishment of contracts can be commenced. Offers for submissions can be listed and rated. As a purchaser, you can immediately see who has the best deal, or you can create a list of favourites for ‘cherry-picking.

The feature WebService optimises the Web Service solution because it automates manual processes such as order confirmations and Quotes. Currently we offer the following functionality:

  • Current list of all inquiries and orders and their current status
  • Current list of all prepared documentation and downloads
  • Submission of an order confirmation for an order
  • Submission of a delivery
  • Submission of a quote

Furthermore, the flow of information is clearly documented and transmission or editorial errors are immediately displayed. So you can ascertain whether all data has been transmitted and downloaded.