Is Your SAP Ready For Brazil?

Master The Pitfalls Of A SAP Rollout To Brazil

Our suite of Flex. Products are flexible solutions based on SAP technology. In the case of Flex.Brasil, it is a value adding package of pre-configured solutions that specifically caters to legal requirements for projects based in Brazil.

Flex.Brasil also stands for the multilingualism of our consultants, in Brazil, Germany and Austria. We ensure that our customers understand what we are talking about - and vice versa.

Furthermore Phoron can provide assistance with implementation and ongoing support in Europe Brazil from a single source.

The Clear Advantage

  • Project Manager
  • Local Department
  • SAP CC
  • Clearly structured project plan 
  • Simple definition of work packages by performing structured process analysis 
  • Support in the project communication through multilingual consultants 
  • Full documentation and test management possible
  • Portuguese speaking contact 
  • Support for legal requirements 
  • Increased usability and acceptance 
  • Faster and error-free working
  • Know-how transfer of Brazilian specifics 
  • Less external support efforts by knowledge building 
  • Simple project communication through multilingualism of the Phoron consultants 
  • Support in Europe and Brazil from a single source

Prefabricated Template - productive from day 1

Flex.Brasil consists of the SAP standard country version for Brazil. However Phoron has enhanced the standard version and has added a completely customised package for the Brazilian tax calculations such as ICMS , IPI , PIS, COFINS , and ISS. In addition to this, Flex.Brasil is offered completely up to date with the latest SAP notes already implemented. Through these enhancements, a lot of time is saved at the start of the project.

Furthermore, the SAP Standard contains some country-specific processes which are incomplete, such as sales processes, sub-contracting, consignment and transfer between plants. Phoron has customised and optimised these processes, and installed them into our template. These are included in our Flex.Brasil rollout package, and are the foundation, allowing you to build your own individual processes based on them.

In effect, with our template, the system is ready to for productive use from day one. Thus, the lead time for the effective start of the project is greatly reduced.

Moreover, various support programs are also included in the template, which support the tests in the introductory phase, and provide additional opportunities to increase process reliability in the productive environment.

As part of the Flex.Brasil package, all documentation pertaining to the delivered processes are included, which are valuable as a basis for further project work, and creating further documentation. These can also be provided upon request in SAP Solution Manager.


NFe - Legal Reporting in Brasil

SAP provides the foundation for the Nota Fiscal electronica (NFe), a solution for the outbound and inbound processing of the required XML files. Through this legal reporting is standardised and available in one system, and discrepancies with data are avoided. The additional licensing costs are far outweighed by its functionality. In terms of time and resource conservation, Phoron has created a prototype system from which a solution can be quickly developed.

The requirements for legal reporting in Brazil are complex and diverse. Phoron has the overview and can advise you on all matter of questions; from which reports must be provided, to how they should best be implemented.