SAP Business Intelligence

Definition of SAP BI

SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI) is the data warehouse solution from SAP. It is a central application for the entire enterprise where relevant data for reporting can be extracted from various sources and displayed in a meaningful format for evaluation.

SAP BI is a system and enterprise-wide evaluation tool for reporting and takes on the role as the "single point of truth" for the company. Reporting capability is endless with the ability to extract data from a variety of sources, some of these include:  Source systems and data providers in both SAP and non-SAP systems, databases, local files, web services and, in special ‘tailor-made’ solutions (eg. planning),  even manual input by the user is possible.

Although it is not the primary purpose of a BI system, SAP BI also has the ability to export processed and consolidated data to external applications and tools, other BI systems, government agencies, etc.

A data mining environment for modelling of analytical processes is also an integral part of SAP BI.

Opportunities with SAP BI

A suite of front-end tools are also available that meet various reporting requirements from a data and graphical perspective. These tools enable the preparation of reports from simple tabular representations to highly complex graphical cockpits and mobile applications.

In the BI environment, a variety of applications are available (most notably, the tools for enterprise planning and consolidation), which are based on BI technologies and utilise the centralised data of BI.

SAP HANA, with its additional BI capabilities and high performance database, can also be used with a BI system.

Alternatively ‘Sybase IQ’, through a certified interface ("CBW NLS IQ"), can be used as near-line storage for archiving and providing BI data for external applications and tools. It also can enhance the performance of your BI reports.

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