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Financials with SAP

The whole world of Finance in one integrated SAP solution.

Finance and Accounting with SAP

In the last few years no other area went through more innovations than Finance. Driven by external factors such as the financial crisis of 2008, continuing low interest rates and yield pressure, Finance must reinvent and respond more quickly to internal requirements.

In addition, the technological base develops. Industry 4.0, Business Apps, Cloud Services and Big Data contribute to usability and to providing the right information faster at the end of the day. So, the SAP landscape has changed in a big way. Besides the classic FI and CO, new topics draw the attention of the finance department to integrate these into the existing SAP landscape.

Overview SAP ERP Financials

  • Classic FI/CO
  • Cash Management and Liquidity Management
  • Treasury
  • Investment Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Collections Management
  • Credit Management
  • Planning and Consolidation

Modules of SAP ERP Financials

Cash Management and Liquidity Management

Based on the existing data of Finance and Logistics the trend of the cash stock (over and under coverage) is displayed for the next three to four months. Also the cash flow of the company is calculated using the direct method and can be compared with the budget figures.

A preview shows in real time where the financial situation of the company is moving, thus enabling a structured controlling.


With SAP Treasury you can manage your currency futures, time deposits, loans, etc., which you have concluded with your bank or internally in the company. In the course of this you have an overview at any time of the expected cash flows and are able to rate them with a market risk analysis.

Investment Management

At the beginning of each investment cycle are the ideas that have to come to implementation. SAP-IM helps you starting from collecting ideas und their commercial evaluation (economic calculation, etc.) to the creation of an investment plan up to the completion (by means of budget controlling) and, if applicable, activation of the investment.

This module for structured planning and completion is also suitable for investments in the field of research and development, as well as repairs and maintenance measures.

Real Estate Management

With this module you are able to manage your properties - rented or hired. All necessary activities in the lifecycle of real estate as well as the administration (rent payments, indexing, reminder, etc.) are depicted. This is of course fully integrated into financial accounting.

Collections Management

This module evolves the process of reminders and creates a proactive receivables management. Overdue receivables are shown separately and any customer contact to it is documented. Thus, the recovery rate is increased and any ambiguities can be clarified and further communicated internally.

Credit Management

Only an orderly credit management protects you against the loss of customer demands. The credit data of potential customers are queried by external agencies (e.g. D&B) and taken into account in the decision making process for the acceptance of a customer order.

Planning & Consolidation

SAP offers various products to carry out the planning and consolidation in your company. Each has its own center of gravity and is suitable for different requirements.

So it depends on your requirements which product or product combination is the best solution for your company. We’d love to help you find out!

sFIN (Simple Finance) - Financials with S/4 HANA

Based on the HANA-approach of SAP, sFIN (Simple Finance) provides a solution that removes the technological separation (tables) of FI and CO and makes finance data centrally available. Thus, the flexibility of processing and evaluating is increased.

Extensions to SAP ERP Financials

The solutions described as well as the classic FI/CO modules are supplemented by our Beyond.Financials extensions. You benefit from releasable SAP extensions in the finance modules which optimize and simplify your every-day-processes.

Customer-proven extensions:

  • InvoiceCockpit
  • BankStatement
  • UIDCheck

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