Beyond SAP

Asset Lifecycle Management of the highest quality and potential for integration

The Asset Manager for SAP R/3 allows an integrative, process-oriented life-cycle management of any assets in your company.

In the Asset Manager assets are generally represented as equipments, which in contrast to SAP R/3 standard carry values. Operative changes of assets such as creation, installation, re-installment and retirement of equipments are tracked in the plant maintenance module.

The Drag&Process-Menuprovides user friendly applications which allow documentation of changes by moving equipments between functional locations.

Total Asset Visibility

Changes in inventory and value of current and fixed assets are updated in a highly integrative way by the Asset Accounting Integrator (AAI) online in the modules MM, FI, FI-AM, SD and RE.

This way the entire life-cycle of your fixed and current assets is tracked and your company’s assets are available anytime online in the proper sense of Total Asset Visibility.


  • Operative handling of EQ Life-Cycles via intuitive Drag&Process-menu
  • Goods receipt with automated equipment creation and installation into functional location.
  • Automated integration of operative maintenance as well as accounting along the asset life-cycles for spare parts and investments
  • Control of transfer into accounting/cost account (Asset Accounting Integrator)
  • Integrative documentation of all changes in assets (Sarbanes-Oxley approved)
  • Optimized repair and warranty management, warranty evidence of individual equipment, automated generation of repair forms and communication with service partners.
  • Tool for processing of inventories on EQ-basis.
  • Tool for disassembling of compound-materials on equipment- and value basis
  • Support of life-cycle processes through application and full integration of RFID-technology into SAP
  • Extensive SN-reporting, evidence of the entire equipment life-cycle history.


The Asset Manager is:

  • an add-on to SAP R/3-standard
  • programmed free of modifications in ABAP
  • fully integrated into SAP R/3-standard modules and
  • based on the technology platform Beyond.SerialNumber-Core.

Current release is Asset Manager 4.0. The release is available as add-on to SAP R/3-Releases ECC 6.0, SAP ERP 2004, 4.7 and 4.6c.

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