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Serial Number Based Life Cycle Management

Beyond.SerialNumber solutions are intelligent tools that support life-cycle management in highest quality and integrate all relevant divisions in a company.

A distinct identification and the complete history of a product`s changes and development require a software-solution that, based on serial numbers, handles every step along the life-cycle reflecting its complexity and its integration into the different divisions of a company.

With our Beyond.SerialNumber solutions we take into account all these aspects

The Clear Advantage


Exceptional mass data capabilities through specialised recording transactions for serial numbers

A wide variety of recording options, such as scanners, RFID, Range-capture, and file upload

Complete overview of the goods flow in warehouses based on serial numbers, and including returns management

Assignment of multiple serial numbers possible for individual parts, in order to track configurable goods.


Complete evidentiary logs along the supply chain from suppliers to customers

Enables efficient commission and refund processes with partners on the basis of serial numbers

Provides a log of serial numbers for referencing complaints and returns with partners

Maintenance / Customer Service

User friendly ‘drag & process’ application for the management of technical equipment

Intuitive graphical user interfaces with context menu functions

Complete overview and log of the life cycle of each serial number, including the usage site, and the customer

Optimised repair and warranty administration, such as the management of service agreements with customers


Automatic integration of inventory management and asset accounting with changes in technical equipment

Complete overview and log  of the entire life cycle of current and fixed asset values

Total Asset Visibility – a breakdown of the company's assets and capital are available online at any time

Complete tracking of serial numbers as a guarantee factor for efficient follow-up processes

A complete history is no end in itself since subsequent processes such as warranty management, delivery tracking, stock evidence, asset management, maintenance, inventarization, fraud prevention and many other processes are based on it. With a product life-cycle history these processes can be handled more efficiently.

The serial number as a means of identification of a product is an essential element in the areas of trading goods as well as maintenance.

The efficient handling of serial number entries, supported by modern technologies such as RFID, securing of high data quality of serial numbers and quick access to serial number based information are a major advantage in competition.

Hardly any serial number management of standard ERP-systems provides the appropriate tools for the various possibilities of serial number entry (scanner, RFID, single/bulk reading, range-registration etc.) or for mass data processing. In general, the relationship serial number to product is restricted to 1:1, meaning one piece of a product features one serial number. All these aspects are supported by Beyond.SerialNumber.

By our solutions the costs of process management based on serial numbers will be reduced to a minimum. On the other hand, the benefit through the support of subsequent processes that allow optimal control and design of costs of these processes is tremendously high.

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