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Easy Material Master Data Capture with SAP

Especially in companies with multiple organisational structures (plants, warehouses, or sales organisations) capturing material master data is very complicated and confusing.

In special machine engineering, it is customary to have to constantly "invent" new materials. These are often used only once. Nevertheless, the material master must meet all the formal requirements to ensure a smooth transaction in the SAP system.

Define 400 Characteristics with only 4 fields

A second problem is the risk of erroneous data maintenance. Since master data is largely responsible for the logistical flow of material, care should be taken to standardise the data. This is made possible by a complex set of rules which transforms the entries of only 4 fields, into a material master with over 400 characteristics in any number of plants.

Thus, the "Material Cockpit" simplifies the material master data maintenance greatly.

Through the easy to use interface, maintaining data simultaneously in all organisational structures is possible.

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