The New User Interface Development Tool Kit

SAP UI5 is the name for the latest User Interface Development Toolkit for SAP. This extremely powerful JavaScript framework has been developed to enhance the usability of SAP application user interfaces so that they are faster and platform independent. Furthermore, the traditional SAP layout has been enhanced by innovative and more modern user interface components.

It does not matter if your SAPUI5 applications are available on the company's Apache web server or the ABAP Web server. The data exchange and data consumption is quick, easy, and platform independent. What is important to note is that SAP UI 5 is suitable for all types of applications, be it offline or online, such as web applications, mobile websites, and hybrid apps like desktop applications, regardless of their size and magnitude.

Unlike Web Dynpro applications whose special focus is particularly large and highly complex applications, the real added value of SAP UI5 is the trouble free and platform-independent exchange and processing of data from the SAP system in the form of lighter weight applications for everyday use.


SAP UI5 Supports User-friendliness by

  • Boundless -  Create solutions for all devices
  • User interfaces adapted to the corporate design of your company
  • Cutting-edge usability features making it easy and fun to use

Promotes Innovation

  • Unparalleled scalability in all size classes
  • Platform independent and powerful interface to the data from the SAP system
  • Individualised expandability of your applications.

Based on Standards

  • Known standard functionalities of SAP are fully supported.
  • Platform independence on the basis of open source standards of web development
  • Use of modern technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.


SAPUI5 Report

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