SAP Solution Manager 7.1

Suitable for Non-SAP Systems

It is beginning of the month, the finance department is busily creating the current invoices in readiness to send them out to customers.  ‘Oh no!’ A red light suddenly starts flashing on the invoice printer. It’s stopped working. Frantically you dial the number of the IT help desk.

"Hi, this is the finance department. We have a major problem .... ".

"... With your printer, Yes we already know. A technician is already on his way to you."


No, SAP Solution Manager 7.1

The functions of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 are now also suitable for non-SAP systems and hardware components* and allow central monitoring and control with the use of a dashboard in real time.

So that means you know what happens, before it happens. Avoid Critical situations with super-fast action and reaction times.

Further Functionality of SAP Solution Manager


* The use of SolMan functionality is free for SAP Enterprise Support customers and also includes non-SAP applications and hardware components. Usage Rights:

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