SAP PPM Release 6.0

High-Speed Portfolio Management

In a few weeks the new SAP release 6.0 PPM (Portfolio and Project Management) will be available. Although an exact date has not yet been set, Phoron has been invited to take part in the SAP Partner Test. At this event, the Phoron PPM Consultants will have the opportunity to put the new SAP PPM Release 6.0 through its paces and evaluate its new features.

SAP PPM release 6.0 is packed full of additional features that are delivered as part of the Customer Connection initiatives 1 and 2, but can also be installed via notes in the SAP PPM 5.0 release. The big highlight however is, that as an option, SAP PPM 6.0 can also be operated on SAP HANA!

The performance problems that usually occur on large projects with many tasks and resources, will be a thing of the past. Through real-time processing with SAP HANA, important jobs with which data is distributed within the portfolio can be synchronously run - providing current data that is instantly available.

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