SAP Cloud Portal

Bright Outlook

End of November 2012 the first partner test für the new SAP Netweaver Cloud Portal was performed in Walldorf, Germany. Phoron participated, when the newest developments and trends were presented directly by the SAP development teams and product owners. For a couple of months Phoron could already test-drive the cloud solution as part of the beta-program.

The SAP Netweaver cloud portal is a state-of the art tool for creating and publishing nicely looking websites within a few minutes. All infrastructure is hosted and managed by SAP, no investment on customer side is required. The cloud portal offers a web-based administration. And authoring environment which is used to create sites and pages and add content. Content has proven to be the main buzzword here: Aside from several off-the-shelve widgets (like a Texteditor, Image-Widget, URL-Widget) also existing content from an on-premise SAP Enterprise Portal can be integrated easily. This is one of the main differentiators of the cloud portal compared to other site editors on the market. Existing roles and iviews from the enterprise portal can be embedded into the cloud pages. This way of “leveraging existing portal content” is a strength that cannot be mastered by other vendors easily.

During the partner test event, SAP was collecting valuable feedback from the partners and stated, that this will be taken into consideration for future releases of the cloud portal. The big news here: The cloud portal will be updated on a monthly basis with new features !

One big question remained only partly answered: What are the real-world use cases for a cloud portal ? Many business scenarios have been and are still being discussed – at a follow up meeting there will be news on that topic.

Our conclusion: The Netweaver Cloud Portal is unique within the whole ondemand-Initiative, as it is a ready-to-use solution with a fancy user interface and some out-of-the box integration possibilities. However, integration topics are not implemented to the expected extent, especially to the business suite, SAP needs to go further here, but the direction seems to be right.

If this sounds interesting to you we will be pleased to present you the potential of the netweaver cloud portal, describe the differences to the enterprise portal and discuss, which technology makes sense for your use-case.

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