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Beautiful Transaction Screens

One of the highlight of SAP’s Teched was the presentation of SAP Screen Personas – a new technology that enables a complete re-design of the user interface of all SAPGui transactions. The shown demos were very convincing  - the newly designed dynpros looked more than a website than any SAP transaction.

Technically, Screen Personas is adding an extra layer on top of the WebGui rendering and uses configuration and personalization parameters to generate a Silverlight web-user interface. Sounds complex, but in fact it looked very smooth and worked extremely well.

But hey, does this remind you of GuiXT ? Yes, but Screen personas is hardly comparable and makes it now possible to add business suite transactions to any portal UI without a compromising the user interface experience.

We would be pleased to tell you more about this and other technologies that can be used to enhance the user experience for daily work!

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