Flex.Purchase Release Update

More features and enhancements to the procurement

Flex.Purchase 1.0 is now about 3 years old. Over the years, the product has undergone constant optimisation and development through a number of releases from version 4.6 to 6.x.

In order to allow for increased functionality, we developed the Release 2.0. This is available for purchase by any customer, and can be implemented through the usual transfer process and customisation.

We have endeavoured to incorporate into the first Release update the input of our customers and their suppliers with specific focus on the following functions:

Portal Features

  • Quality Management (inspection lots / Q-News Interactive 8D report)
  • Vendor-related conditions / supply requirements drawn from the portal /
  • Order confirmation relating to contracts / Portal Statistics / detailed messages upon login

Procurement Monitor

  • AB release / utilisation for all suppliers / expansion options

Request Generator

  • Questionnaire / improved user experience with drag and drop

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